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    Honors College Application: Part B


    In a separate word-processing document, please write a response (of about five to eight sentences each) to four of the following eight prompts.

    1. Describe a time when you changed your view on a significant issue after having a conversation about it with someone.
    2. Who or what has been most influential in shaping your spiritual life?
    3. How do you think the study of history could improve your friendships?
    4. Describe an experience that dramatically affected your life.
    5. What do you think of Jesus?
    6. What important idea have you recently thought about after watching a movie or television show?
    7. Describe an experience you had of something exceptionally beautiful.
    8. What’s the most significant thing you’ve undertaken to help someone else?
    9. If you are applying for joint admission to the Honors College and the Bachelor in Nursing, please provide an additional statement (of about five to eight sentences) explaining why you want to follow a calling to be a nurse and what you hope to accomplish as a nurse.

    When you have written your responses to four of the prompts, please submit them using the form below. After we receive your submission, an Honors College representative will contact you about your application.

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    Upload Your Responses
    Please include your name in the document you submit. When you've completed your responses, submit your document (preferably in Microsoft Word or PDF format) through this web page. After we receive it, we will be in touch about the next step in the application process.

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